Frequently Asked Questions


What Makes Treatment at Ballston Chiropractic Different?

Chiropractic care has been successfully  helping back and neck pain suffers for over 100 years.  Like other health professions that provide important services to a community it is important that they continue to evolve and learn about the best ways to provide relief to our patients.  We at Ballston Chiropractic pride ourselves on our focus on always improving and learning from the best new research that is performed relative to our area of expertise.  Therefore, the chiropractic care that we have been providing in Ballston Spa  for almost 25 years is personalized for each patient's particular individual needs and goals, using the most current research based understanding of your condition   

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

Chiropractic care is quite safe.  Evidence to that fact is from insurance companies that provide malpractice coverage for health practitioners.  Chiropractors have much lower premiums that almost any other doctor because of the great safety associated with out care.  Being that we don't prescribe medications which can have risky side effects and interactions with other medication that you may be taking, a mild soreness is usually the most significant side effect our patient feel, and that is rare.  In the unusual case that someone had soreness after a treatment, we always look to modify their care to avoid a similar response as care continues. 

Do I have to get "cracked"?

Some people refer to the sound that is made with a chiropractic manipulation as getting "cracked".  The noise is simply the building up and release of gas from that joint, much like when you open a bottle of soda, and is entirely safe.  Most patients become very accustomed to the sound and even look forward to it because it is usually associated with relief from their pain.  

That said, we have patients who just prefer not to have certain areas of their body adjusted, or may not want any adjustments.  That is perfectly fine, and does not prevent us from using other methods to help you feel better.  

Infrequently we find that some patients don;t respond well to manual manipulations, as no one treatment works for everyone, soe we chose alternative treatments and purposefully avoid typical manipulations (much like your primary physician would change your medicine if you had a bad response)..

Do I have to keep coming back even after I feel better?

We know that one of the concerns that patients have about beginning chiropractic care is that they have heard that "once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep coming back".  At Ballston Chiropractic your care plan, and how long you schedule for care is based on the rate in which you recover from the problem that you started with and what your long term goals are.  We will teach you how to avoid re-injury during your initial treatment plan and provide you with resources so that you will be able to manage your health without need for ongoing care.  Our goal is to become less necessary as you learn how to care for yourself and prevent re-injury, knowing that we are always here to help when you need.