Ballston Chiro: Exercises

Please refer back to these exercises for at home use.  Always train in a range that does not increase your pain and with particular attention to maintaining good form.  

Remember that exercises are movement practice toward better daily function.  

All exercises on this site are not necessarily appropriate for everyone.  Your in office evaluation,  ability to perform them properly and your response to their performance are very important in guiding Dr. Block to choose the right exercise for your needs.

                           "Move well, then move often" -Grey Cook, DPT

Educational Videos

Check out this great video

Back Pain Myths Dispelled

Professor Stuar McGill, PhD is one of the worlds leading back pain researchers.  Along with other scholarly work, he has assessed safety and effectiveness of back and core exercises, which has directly impacted professional sports, armed service training in the US and Canada and the general fitness world.